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CamRec - Camera Recorder

CamRec is a simple camera with voice recording function. Take a photo and attach a recording memo to replay.

While browsing photos, pinch in/out is for zooming in/out and left/right swipe is for moving between photos.

CamRec saves photos in the same place as the standard "Camera" application does. CamRec can also attach recording memos to the photos taken by the standard "Camera" application.

In order to delete or overwrite the recordings, choose "OFF" for the "Lock for Recorded Data" of the "CamRec" setting under the "Settings" of the device. Recorded data can be retrieved via iTunes File Sharing on the computer that the device is plugged in.

Both iPad with a camera (i.e., iPad 2 or later) and iPhone (or iPod touch) are supported.

→ CamRec can be purchased at App Store.

CamRec taking a picture CamRec recording CamRec choosing a stored picture= CamRec setting

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